A Ukrainian native, I am currently based in San Francisco Bay Area. I work in series of large abstract works of drawings done in soft/dry pastel on paper. My work may be described as conceptually surreal influenced by modern architecture / spacial organization, design & thought of what occupied spaces should be and how they ought to function. In my work I reference the 20th century Russian avant-garde, the Constructivism and Suprematism, as well as such early modernists as Matisse, specifically his “cut-outs”. I’d like to think of my work as having its own original XXI century voice.

Trained as an artist & an architect, I also work in new media including digital rendering (surface & space visualization) and 3d-printing. My work is interwoven and interconnected between and within the media I use. Using strong, carefully considered color and bold geometric form, I frequently incorporate depictions of the female archetype. The female figure is often placed alone in an invented landscape, color and line announce her presence. Her voice, her presence, are loud, vivid, red.

I see myself as a minimalist using only as much as needed to convey an idea. The color I use carries its own vision. Invented landscapes are new realities, they are constructs. They provide a vision for an abstracted notion of a place and space. In my work the landscape is deconstructed and re-imagined as a new notion. My work is my metaphor for searching, and my landscapes & invented places implicate the presence of the unknown. Creating sculpture begins in the same way as my drawings, as a conceptual idea evolves, I begin the process of the sculpture either in a 3D program or by hand sketching. There is a deeper relationship between the works of pastel on paper and sculpture that is intriguing to me. Both are rooted in the same thinking and begin as powder: the powder compressed as chalk for the works on paper, and the powder in the 3D printing process assembled into a new material and shape.

My process in creating work may be described as a kind of blindness at first. As I am working through the drawing there is a moment when all of a sudden there is a slit, a cranny of light which opens up – and then I can see! At this moment the doors of a new vision, a new perception open up. As the fog of the reality shifts and morphs, the fuzzy outlines take on a different meaning, and ideas and concepts stand out. This opening of the subconscious enables me to create new work manifesting my personal observation of the world. In the fog I search for the sublime – for me it is when the dark & grey become poetry.

Artist website: http://www.elvira-artist.com

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