Eric loves roadtrips.  He entertained us a few years ago with his “Highway 50 Roadtrip” exhibit and wonderful oil paintings documenting his experiences.  This exhibit takes us on an artistic journey on Highway 395 from Red Mountain to north of Reno.  Eric’s oil paintings are… “traditional landscape and building paintings.

I have primarily worked as an artist since my early 30s.  I studied at the Art Students League, the Chicago Academy of Fine Art, and the Academy of Art College in San Francisco.  I earned a degree in History from San Francisco State in 1991.

I love to paint what I see.  I am most influenced artistically by what I have lived through and experienced on any given day. I love to paint the West, but as it is today, not 100 years ago.  I would rather paint an iconic sign like the Pines Café than a cowboy on a horse!”

Video courtesy of Mark Pahuta

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