franciluFrancilu Hansen Retrospective by Liz Babcock, History Curator

The curators of the Maturango Museum are delighted to have the opportunity to share Francilu Hansen’s artistry with members and the public. Adding to the diverse array of Francilu paintings we have in our permanent collection, the exhibit will also featured numerous works on loan from members who own works by this accomplished artist.

Our Francilu Hansen retrospective will appeared in the Sylvia Winslow Exhibit Gallery during regular museum hours, Feb. 4-28, 2012

Works on display will range in size from a tiny painting scarcely larger than a postage stamp to desert scenes several feet long. Francilu especially loved painting Western barns, and an entire wall of the exhibit will be devoted to her charming depictions of rural structures.

Born in Montana, Francilu had a strong affinity for the western states and the scenic grandeur of the mountains. She moved to Randsburg in 1963 and lived and worked there for the last two decades of her life. Her sketchbook was her constant companion; she also enjoyed painting in plein air with oils, acrylics or watercolors.

A member of the Desert Art League, Francilu achieved a reputation across the west as “the lady who paints the desert” and won awards in many prestigious competitions. She studied with many well-known artists, later sharing her expertise in workshops for students in Ridgecrest, Kernville and Montana.

After her 1984 death, the Maturango Museum held a one-woman show in her memory. Now here’s another opportunity for you to enjoy the work of this creative interpreter of desert lore.

Video courtesy of Mark Pahuta

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