Nature has never failed to provide a rich source of ideas in my art. I find relationships in Nature pure and uncomplicated. There is endless fascination in every aspect of the
Natural World.

In developing a work, I spend great lengths in detailed observation of a given terrain. Volumes of sketches and studies of plant life, color spectrum and geographical terrain are rendered. I feel it is important for direct interaction with an environment. Being present in the moment all senses are utilized. For example; the observer feels the uncomfortable Summer heat beating down, or the anxiousness felt in hearing rustling in a thick patch of brush, these feeling aid in the style of mark making or color pallet that will be used later in the studio.

The composition of my work is narrative in objective. I tend to explore The Human World Without Humans. The terrain and nature move from elements of “Back-Drop”, to a featured “Center Stage”. Human elements become props to aid the viewer toward a uniquely possible relationship people and their surroundings.”

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Video courtesy of Mark Pahuta

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