Mike Mumford: “In Plain Sight”


The title “In Plain Sight” was chosen to emphasize the concept of a Shadow Sculpture — a Shadow Sculpture is an artwork which looks like one thing when viewed directly, but which casts a shadow of
something else. There are a limited number of artists who make these – Mike was inspired several years ago to start creating these after seeing another artist’s work in this genre.

This show is Mike’s first major showing of his Shadow Sculptures. There will be a variety of different images and concepts represented in the individual artworks, including patriotism, religion, personal interests, and others. Because the show will be at the Maturango Museum, one of the pieces shown will be emblematic of the petroglyphs from our local area. The Museum has been instrumental in promoting and understanding these historical records. Mike has interpreted and combined two iconic petroglyph images: the sheep and the shaman. His piece “Glyph-Man” appears to be two sheep petroglyphs when viewed directly — but it casts the shadow of a shaman, another iconic petroglyph image.

Video courtesy of Mark Pahuta

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