story of coso petroglyph

by Liz Babcock, Publications Committee

Just in time for a summer craft project or an entertaining educational experience, the Maturango Museum is offering a new book featuring the many fascinating design styles and patterns of Native American rock art. So the next time you’re in our store, you might enjoy
picking up a copy.

“A Study of the Coso Patterned Body Anthropomorphs” by Caroline S. Maddock (140 pages, $12.95) features 428 drawings of the figures of hunters and shamans that prehistoric people scratched or pecked into the rock of Little Petroglyph, Big Petroglyph, Renegade and Sheep canyons in the Coso Range just to the north of us on China Lake range areas.

Milt Burford, who made a generous donation to the museum to support publication of this volume, pointed out that he was drawn to Maddock’s manuscript because the data are presented in an easy format and because the book “provides artists working in pottery, jewelry, textiles and other crafts with a treasure trove of design styles and patterns from our early Americans in the Coso Range.”

The author, who has been a student of rock art for 40 years, is
president of the Orange County Chapter of the Archaeological Institute of America. Her current research interest is feminine iconography of the Cosos.

Amiable NOW in the museum Gift Shop and in our online store at

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