I consider myself to be, basically, an optimistic and forward-looking person. So, with that caveat in mind, read on.

MJs Painting crew is here as of this morning. Michael says it will take about 6 days to complete the job. Bob Carroll was there this AM so he knows the painters are there and, I’m sure, will be there right behind them to install outlets and switches. The Fire Marshall will be here Tuesday at 10 AM to inspect the modifications to the fire suppression sprinkler system. Some volunteers will tie the drain line from the H/AC units into the waste system. Then we will call for the final inspection. That should be on or about the 2nd of March.

When we pass final we just may need to have a small party in the multi purpose gallery room for the Building Committee, the Board, and all those who worked so hard to get this done.

A few more coats of wallboard mud on the walls in the curatorial room need to be applied before we paint there. I’ll call for the final inspection of the new curatorial space before the 2nd.

Alan Swallow of Swallow Construction was at the museum Thursday moving dirt to smooth out the ground to the north of the new wing. He worked until late in the day. This morning the driveway to the north roll up door looked much safer and more usable for everyone. The work is not done yet but will likely be done by Monday or Tuesday.

There is now a flurry of activity to get the basic equipment and furnishings to make the new gallery usable. Thanks to Janet Westbrook’s generosity the Gallery Fund is able to purchase the most essential things needed to do this. We will have to wait for more donations to cover the floors, put fabric on the walls, purchase all the new track light fixtures, and so on.Volunteer technophiles are reviewing what is available in the way of speakers, screens, and projectors while consulting with the various anticipated users of new room in an attempt to meet all their needs. It will take time to do this job well.

Mike Incantalupo, who installed the movable shelving in the new curatorial room, has located good used movable storage for the docent room. The docents met this week to discuss funding to buy and install the shelving. Mike would like to install the shelving around the 6th of March.

A 40-foot shipping container has been ordered to help us consolidate all the museum holdings on museum land. This will save us thousands of dollars per year we are now spending to rent storage space around town. The container should be here in around three weeks. Mike Incantalupo has found suitable shelving for the shipping container and has arranged to have it donated to the museum. I am starting to make arrangements to pick up that shelving (I think it is in Torrance) and bring it to the museum. Mike mentioned that there may be enough shelving for two shipping containers – he has a great sense of humor, I hope!

Things are moving right along.

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