The end is in sight. Anyway, the end of the construction is in sight.

There is a lot going on all at once. I’ll try to summarize the progress in some way. It may be disjointed. Some of this is not strictly Building Committee but is general Museum expansion progress which may be of interest.

Completing the new wing:

Michael J’s Painting crew spent the week at the museum. They finished today. What a difference paint makes. The new rooms look super. Peter Wiley, Brenda Burnett, and myself will start cleaning the floors in there this weekend.

The Gentry Heating and A/C crew completed the their work – I think. We need to get a copy of the duct manufacturer’s installation instructions from Gentry for the final inspection. The permit says “installed to manufacturer’s specifications”.

A phone line was brought to the gallery audio/visual/closet location so Bob Carroll can connect it to the lighting control unit. The manufacturer of the lighting controls will need to phone the unit to load the initial programing into it. After that the unit can be programmed with a PC (Remember the good old days when you just flipped the switch?). Bob and Matt Carroll will start Monday to install all the finish wiring so the power can be turned on.

Alan Swallow finished the grading, rolling and smoothing of the parking and drive-up area at the north entrance. He also graded the area for the future solar panel field. The north side of the Museum looks much better now and the access to the new docent room and workshop is safe.

Tim Loscar says he will have the cabinets and counters ready to install in the workshop/storage room next week or so. We have the faucets and two of the three sinks. Volunteers will be able to install these. They don’t have to be installed before the final inspection.

I’ve contacted Brent Davis and asked him to contact “Al” the door guy to install the door hardware.

I may be able to call for final inspection next week.

Curator’s storage and workspace:

Today the Carroll’s installed new LED fixtures to replace the fluorescent ones in the old curator storage area. This is part of our program to replace old and expensive lighting with LED lighting as we remodel the old wing. This was prompted by two of the old fixtures failing and us old volunteers maintenance people being tired of climbing up and down ladders replacing ballasts and bulbs. The new LED lights should not need to be replaced for many years.

I will call for final in the new curator area next week.


This week we bought speakers, a new screen, a projector, and a mount for the projector. The speakers are really good and we got an excellent price on them. We had contacted Scott , the audio person at HSUMD for advice and about i speakers and setting up the audio system in the gallery. He had received speakers for HSUMD which were not what they ordered so the company that sent them discounted them rather than have them shipped back. Several of us heard the speakers and were blown away. As Peter Wiley said, “You could hurt someone with these.” The sound is wonderful through all ranges. They are amplified so you can plug a microphone directly into them.

The projector screen arrived this week. The screen is powered with a remote. Bob Westbrook, Peter Wiley, and I bought the material to install the screen. We will install it on Sunday.

We received four sample chairs of various colors to try out. Grey is the best color to have in an art gallery but the grey chair from that supplier was super firm. So another chair supplier is sending a sample for us to try.

Windows, Walls, and Floors came by with wall covering samples for the walls. This is something the gallery users really want done. While there we talked with them about floor covering materials and commercial grade linoleum was suggested. They will bring samples in next week. The stained concrete in the store is showing some wear already which is bothersome.

Docent Room:

Mike Incantalupo has found used movable shelving that might work for the new docent room. Nora Nuckles and the docents are deciding how the room will be used and where storage will be placed. It is a puzzle to get everything just so. Some docents are already commenting that the room looks too small!

Scout Projects

Zach Burns had tortoise experts and some workers out last Saturday. Some trenches are finished. A few burrows for the tortoises have been started. The concrete blocks are in place. The big work party will be the 27th f February. The scouts will also remove piles of concrete and trash that has collected near the amphitheater/tortoise enclosure area.

In the meantime Ethan Bordan has prepared plans and a powerpoint presentation for a solar system exhibit.

Pretty soon I won’t have anything to write about.

We are moving right along

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