We failed final inspection on Monday! There are three items that we need to correct. Two are forms required to show that we are compliant with new low use energy requirements placed upon commercial buildings. The other is compliance with ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) for the fire exits in the new wing.

The forms are certifications by the installers that electricity and heating/cooling meet energy requirements of Title 24. Jerry Gentry has filled his forms out. Bob Carroll is working on his. We may end up needing to install occupancy sensors in the new gallery to comply.

The ADA requirements are more troublesome. We need to place panic hardware on the three fire exit doors in the new wing. We also have to remove portions of the wall so there is 12″ of space between the skin of the doors and any obstruction protruding more than 8″ from the skin of the doors on the latch side of the doors. Brent Davis will be in tomorrow to do this job. He thinks it will take them about a day to do it. I will order the panic hardware and will use the person Brent uses to install the hardware on our doors to install the hardware.

This means we will not be able to sit people in the new gallery for our annual meeting Friday.

We have now had four or five inspectors visit the site. Earlier inspectors had signed off on the stud walls and dry walls that we will now be removing and, of course, the plans don’t indicate these particular ADA requirements.

Life has its moments – frustrating ones as well as joyful ones. My moments with inspectors aren’t joyful ones.

Our new lighting system is mind-boggling. The new areas are 100% LED lighted. All the lights are dim-able. There are three programmable control panels for the lighting and about 12 dimmer controls. Once programmed the lights can be turned off and on by pushing a button. Bob Carroll has done a great job selecting the equipment and setting it up. Bob is now getting the tracks for the gallery track lighting – the wiring is all in for these. Andrea has ordered two of the new focusable LED spotlight fixtures (circa $130 each) to try out.

Ed Czajka, Peter Wiley, Mike Brown, Bob Westbrook, and Janet Westbrook are laying out plans and Ed is installing the sound and audio gear for the new Gallery. Ed has assembled bunches of components and is ready to string cable to the various locations in the room where people can plug into the system. Two new speakers, five microphones, a mixer, an equalizer, four thing-a-ma-jigs, a blinky thingy, and other stuff are here or on order waiting to be installed.

The docents have reached an agreement with Mike Incantalupo for movable shelving in the new docent room. This will probably be installed in April.

Tim Loscar is busily installing the cabinets and counter tops in the new workshop/storage room. So far they look great.

A 40′ shipping container was delivered last week. We will be moving out of rented storage before the end of March. This will save us about $3,000 per year we are now paying for rented storage space. Now that we have created lots of new storage space we need to make some plans for using it all wisely. There is a lot of stuff we are storing that is of questionable value. Some of it is stuff we Could Really Avoid Possessing (you can do the acronym).

Things are moving right along.

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